Real life for real people.

As parents, we all have goals about the type of people we want to raise. Kids who are respectful and kind, brave and confident, who don’t give up when faced with challenges, and who know how to love well. We want to see them thrive in the world, finding joy and success wherever life leads them. And yet, we see problem areas popping up over and over. Behaviors you don’t like, situations where you keep butting heads, a lack of progress or motivation, and the smallest things turning into the biggest battles. We start to feel helpless and trapped, wondering if we will ever get through this, and worrying about what the future will hold. Being a parent can feel like a big weight on your shoulders. And there are parts of it that will always be difficult. But it can also be filled with such joy. You can have strong relationships with your children, see your goals become a reality, and build a life with your family that you each love to live. Start moving toward that life now.

How can I help you?

One on One

  • Personalized to your unique family dynamics, needs, and goals.
  • Individual accountability for the biggest impact.
  • Support when you need it.

Group Sessions

  • Tailored to the needs of the group, and the individuals in it.
  • Journey with others as you move toward your goals.
  • Peer support for connected development.


Targeted to your group’s needs, from engaging keynotes to multi-session trainings and workshops.